Monday, January 4, 2010

My word for 2010


This word will be found throughout my home. I hope it will help me to remember to inspire someone everyday with creativity, faith, hope, determination, love, caring, and giving to others. I also want my children to do the same. If they see someone who is in need of help in any way, I want them to inspire that person and help them in any way they can. I think it is time for all of us as Americans to help those who need help, inspire those who need inspiration, give others faith and determination when they need a boost, offer hope and love to those who need it, and take time to care for someone who needs someone to care. I feel with the economy the way it is we all really need to help our neighbors through this tough time in any way you can. If  we all took the time to care our world would be a better place!

So what will be your word to live by this year????

I challenge you all to find your inspirational word for 2010 and share it with others.

Make a scrapbook page that describes your inspirational word and what it means to you.

Find creative ways to display your word throughout your home.

You can link to this post, or just leave a comment with your blog address, and your word.

I will be posting what I have done throughout the month of January, so stop back:)

Your Inspired Friend,