Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vintage Mini Album and Stand I received in a swap.


vintage mini album and stand 003vintage mini album and stand 002

This beautiful mini album and stand I received from my friend Fred. We had decided over the summer to do a mini album swap. She wanted a country theme mini and I wanted a vintage. When I opened the package I was in total shock! All I could say was “Oh my gosh” over and over again! Hubby thought there was something wrong ( LOL!), but when I showed him he was also saying “ Oh my gosh”! Funny thing is I didn’t even open the mini yet, I was just looking at the stand and the cover of the mini. So you can imagine what I was saying as I flipped through the pages!  Now here are the pics of the inside of the mini album……..

vintage mini album and stand 004

vintage mini album and stand 005

vintage mini album and stand 006vintage mini album and stand 007vintage mini album and stand 008vintage mini album and stand 009vintage mini album and stand 010vintage mini album and stand 011vintage mini album and stand 012

vintage mini album and stand 013

vintage mini album and stand 014

vintage mini album and stand 015vintage mini album and stand 016vintage mini album and stand 017

This is the back of the stand and mini album.

Now for some instructions on how to make this album and stand:

To make the stand you will need 2 books and some wood blocks ( She used old wood mount stamp blocks). You are going to have to tea dye the books. Glue only the edges of the pages in the books. Paint the outside of the books if you don’t like the color. Now get some elmer’s school glue. If you want small cracks just add a tiny bit of water to the glue and paint it on the books. If you want large cracks add more water to the glue. Let it dry just a little bit, and paint on another color over top the glue. Let it air dry. When it is completely dry take some brown cream shoe polish and rub over the crackle finish. let the shoe polish cure. Spray with a sealer.

Now to make the mini book holder and mini book. You will need another hardbound book. and do the same process as above. Except: Open book in the middle. Divide the pages in thirds. glue each section of pages together close to the edge of the pages. Glue the next set of pages together, and so on. So now on one side of the book you will have 3 pages. To rough up the edges of the pages you can use an old pair of scissors. Also you can curl, roll, and tear pages to get the distressed look. On the other side of the book you are going to trace the shape of your mini album on the first page and take an exacto knife and start cutting through all the pages. Before you glue the pages together make sure your mini album fits in the cut out. Make your adjustments before you glue the pages together. Glue the base together ( the first 2 books)  Now you can decorate and embellish the other book and mini to your liking. Set the mini and book on top of the base and figure out where the wood blocks should go. You want the mini album to rest on one of the blocks.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions just leave it in the comments.

Also I am attaching the video I made so you can see more details on this beautiful creation.

Vintage mini video







Hope you have a fantastic rest of the week!