Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 Inspire Project #1

If you read my recent post on my word for 2010, then you know that my word is “Inspire” so here is my Inspire Creativity project.

This is the cupboard that I see while I am scrapbooking and crafting. So I thought I would spice it up with a little inspiration.

Inspire project 1 001

Sorry about the crocked picture taking skills I have, and the flash glare…

I cut the letters out of some vinyl with my cricut machine. Then I had all these paint chips laying around that I never use. I have been collecting them for awhile thinking that I will come up with a fabulous project to use them on ( It hasn’t happened yet). Aren’t the crayon paint chips just toooo cute!!!!! I just taped them up on my cupboard with scotch tape. Which means I can change it up really easy! Then I went on the web and found some texture images, printed them out, and stuck them up too. Now I have textures and colors to look at instead of white! I am sure though I will probably change all of it except the words often because I like change. You can ask my Hubby! He is quit sick of me rearranging the furniture because I make him move the heavy stuff. Anyway, I hope that this INSPIRES you to pick your word for 2010 and display it in a creative way. Next week I will post another display I am working on. Hope you all have an inspirational weekend:)