Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family LO and a painted window


This is my latest creation in the scrapbooking world.


This project took me all day to paint. Sorry about the glare:( My hubby picked me up this window that his friend was going to throw out. So I decided to paint it Americana. My kitchen is done all in Americana decor. I used just regular craft paint and painted the side facing the wall. The stars were painted first. I let them dry and then painted the blue over top the white. I am working on a hutch that my hubby also picked up for me. It was kinda plain so I am spicing it up with some paint. When it is finished i will post it.

So today I was busy with 2 painting projects and one LO. I am on a roll :) I can’t believe I finished 2 out of the 3 projects today. Well I am off to paint more, and think about my next scrapbook page:)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Twilight Birthday cake


My daughter Sydney turned 17 on the 26th and wanted a Twilight cake. After a lot of convincing ( or should I say begging and pleading) Walmart Bakery agreed to make it. This cake was awesome, it was 3D and yes that is a real apple! My daughter loved it so much she didn’t want me to cut it and serve it to her guests. Don’t worry we did serve it to her guests, nobody went home without some cake. This was designed from one of the books covers. Don’t ask me which one because I have not read them yet. Anyway, my daughter had a wonderful Birthday. Scrapbook pages will follow soon!

Dirt bike LO


This LO is kinda plain, but they all can’t be perfect. I cut the circles out of some paper I had and then with a black marker I outlined it and made kinda bike spokes. The title I cut with the wonderful cricut machine and used watercolors for the shading. I still think the LO needs something though. So if any of you have a suggestion as to what it needs just make a comment and let me know. Well off I go to finish another page, hopefully I will post it tomorrow:)

Evening Of Theater LO


This LO is of my DD’s singing performance at her school. I used the cricut mat cover stamped transparency that I made, stickles on the title letters, metallic rubs around the photo’s, rub- on for the journal box, and of course some bling. Gotta have the bling:D. I am slowly but surely getting caught up on my scrapbooking, but now I just took 53 pictures:0. I guess I am then behind again. Oh well I have my life time to scrapbook all the pictures I take. I really don’t think that anybody can get caught up because we keep taking more and more pictures. DARN THE CURSE! Just kidding we all wouldn’t be scrapbookers if we didn’t take lots of pictures.

Well everyone keep taking pictures and scrapbook them when you can.

Take Care,


Monday, June 22, 2009

A New Scrap Page


This LO is of our dog Remmington and his stick dilemma. The kids collected all the sticks in the yard for him, and he had a problem deciding which stick he liked the best. He tried them all out, then he finally picked his favorite. This took him just about the whole day. 

I actually got brave and did some doodling on the page. I know it is very simple doodling with just lines and dots, but I had to start somewhere right! I cut the title out with the cricut machine, distressed them, then stamped them with a stick stamp. I think they turned out cool :) The clock was also a stamp that I had and never used until know. I am finally back on track now with my scrapbooking and projects, Yippee!!!! It feels good to be doing what i love again.

Well I am off to my scrapbook table again to work on a new creation.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A New Artist In the Family

My youngest daughter who is 7 years old and in 2nd grade was chosen to have her art work shown at the big art show in the High School. This was a district wide art show. Her painting is called “Birch Tree’s”. and here it is …….


Now we were so shocked and proud when we saw this painting hanging at the art show. Even her older sisters who were also in the art show were impressed. So now I have a new artist in the family bringing the artist count up to 5 family members…

Thanks for listening to a proud mom that has to share her children’s accomplishments with the world…

Take Care,


Cereal box album

Ok, I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I have finally finished a project ( well almost finished) All I have to do is add the pictures and embellies. This album is made out of cereal boxes. A few tips for those of you who want to make one yourself.

1. Cut cover slightly larger then the pages.

2. paint all cereal box pieces before adding paper including the edges. It is kinda hard to add the paint on the edges after you add the paper.

3. put the album together first with paper clips so you are sure it will work. This also makes it easier to glue together when the time comes.

This album is a pocket and tag album, but you can also create an accordion fold album. When you make one send me a pic or link so I can see how you made your album.. This was a lot of fun to design and create!!:)

001 003 005 004