Sunday, July 19, 2009

Plastic bag album & Tutorial

plastic store bag album 023

plastic store bag album 024

plastic store bag album 025

plastic store bag album 027

This is just a few pictures of the finished album. Now for the How To……

You will need…

1. plastic store bags

2. an iron

3. tow sheets of computer paper

4. craft paint

5. decoupage and strong craft glue

6. paper

7. items to attach your album together ( ribbon, rings, etc.)

optional items: stamps, ribbon, embellishments

Step 1:

Lay your bag out like this…

plastic store bag album 001

Now your are going to cut the handle and bottom off.

plastic store bag album 002

Next you are going to open up the remaining part of the bag like this…

plastic store bag album 003

Last you are going to cut off any writing or design on the bag.

plastic store bag album 004

Now you will have this left….

plastic store bag album 005

OK, now onto folding…….

plastic store bag album 006

fold in half the long way to make a square


plastic store bag album 007

fold again from the bottom of your square to the top


 plastic store bag album 008

fold again in half..

Now do this to as many bags that you need for your album.

Step 2:

Ironing your plastic bags….

* Do this in a well ventilated area

Heat your iron to a medium heat. Since all irons are different I don’t really have a setting to go by. You may want to make extras so you can test your iron.

If the iron is too hot you will have a shrinkie dink thing going on and if it is too cool there will be no fusion at all.

Now get your two pieces of computer paper ready. Lay one down on your ironing board then put your plastic bag on the paper and then put the other sheet of paper on top. Just like this….

plastic store bag album 009

plastic store bag album 010

plastic store bag album 011

Now you are going to iron on top of the paper. Move iron slowly over the area. It takes about a minute for each of them to fuse.

plastic store bag album 012

You will want to check it every so often by pealing off the top sheet of paper. Also you may want to flip the whole thing over too and iron the other side. You are going to want to keep ironing until all layers of the bag are fused together. You should not have any loose layers. The plastic will get hard and durable. Like this….

plastic store bag album 013

some wrinkling is normal and a little shrinking.

Now comes the fun part…

Step 3:

you are going to want to paint the whole surface on both sides with craft paint. Do very light coats.

plastic store bag album 014

Once you have painted both sides and they are dry you can stamp on them like this….

plastic store bag album 015

and if you don’t have stamps don’t worry… A lot of items found around your house can be a stamp like bubble wrap

plastic store bag album 016

You can either ink up the bubble wrap with a stamp pad or with craft paint. If you use craft paint you will want to paint on a light coat directly to the bubble wrap.

When all is dry on both sides you are going to want to seal the paint and protect you pictures by using decoupage on both sides. 2 coats will be fine.

Here I decided to decoupage after I added the paper. It really doesn’t matter which way you decide to do it. Either way you will need a strong craft glue to adhere your paper to the plastic. I used the Martha Stewart craft glue.

plastic store bag album 021

Remember to do both sides.

Note: Some curling may happen when you are waiting for the one side to dry after decoupage application. If this happens just gently bend the page back into shape.

Your last thing to do is punch holes for your ribbon or rings to hold the album together.

Don’t forget to decorate your pages!!!

Hope you have fun trying this:) Be Brave, I know you can do this!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Printer update….

Well I have not fixed my printer problem as of yet. I am still having the red blinking light of death ( that is what I am calling it now) I have went over the printers manual and there is nothing about the red blinking light I have. I am really bumming right now:( I have lots of LO’s to do and no pictures:( I tried calling Kodak about my red blinking light of death, but they don’t know what it is either. They did say that when their tech team figures out what it is they will contact me with the info.. In the mean time I am going to try to convince my Hubby to buy a new printer. So wish me luck with the convincing… So I guess now I am going to put together some tutorials on using some recycled items to make things for your LO’s and cards. One will be the many ways to use cereal boxes and making an album out of plastic store bags. I have to keep on a bloggin some how:) So look for the tutorials next week. I am going to work on them this weekend and will post next week…

Have a fun and creative weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2 LO and printer troubles


This LO is of my wild boy Dale. So to play up his wildness I used some wild paper. All paper is Basic Grey. This is actually a picture I have already scrapped, but my printer is having some kind of a problem:( so I was desperate to scrap and found this picture. I am so upset with my printer right now! I just bought the darn thing in Oct. So while I figure out the problem I have also been making LO for the pictures I need to scrap. When I get the pics on the LO’s I will post them.


This LO was done before my printer decided to dislike me. This is of my daughter Breauna’s 7th Birthday. Everything was cut using the Cricut and Plaintin Schoolbook cart. and stretch your imagination cart. The stickers are some that I have had for a while. This LO can be used several different ways. This is just one way, but i am planning on doing different LO’s with the basic concept.

Well off to fuss with my printer….Wish me luck!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you to Lynn from Beautiful Delights for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Here are the RULES for this AWARD:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.

Here are my 7 things.........
1. I love old things, like I collect vintage purses, old paintings, furniture, and so on.... 2. I absolutely hate chocolate ice cream.. I do like chocolate by its self though:) 3. I have 6 children: Tim 24yrs just graduated college, Shelby 18yrs a senior in HS, Sydney 17yrs also a senior in HS, Jordan 13yrs in 9th grade, Dale 9yrs in 5th grade, and our baby Breauna 7yrs in 3rd grade and she has CP. 4. I love to turn items into something else for instance the window I painted for my kitchen wall ( it's on my blog, look around) 5. My Favorite movie is P.S. I Love You and I watch it at least once a week.. ( Ok, maybe I am a little obsessed with the movie and I cry at the same parts everytime, don't judge me!) 6. I Love scrapbooking, really I do my whole day revolves around it, and I am always shoving the camera in my children's faces. No, they don't like it, but they tolerate me and my camera. Although there are days that all my children hide from me just so I can't take their pictures:( 7. I love music, and I listen to it all day. I also love musicals and I can sing all the songs from all musicals. No, I am not crazy I promise:)

5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers:

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Sneak Peak of the new Glitz design papers

 imageimage image Wow aren’t these some fun papers!! I love Glitz design papers!!! I am not sure when they will appear in the stores yet, but i am thinking fall. OK, so my Fav is a toss up between Plum Crazy and Oliva. I am thinking of all the fun LO’s I can do with these papers:) Gotta Love the GLITZ!! visit their blog here! They have great LO ideas,  video’s that you can watch, and a whole lot more!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Painted Hutch


I finally finished it!!!! Except after looking at the picture I think I may paint the inside. Here again i just used craft paint and then put a coat of sealer on it. The glass door was covered with contact paper, so I had a heck of a time getting the left over adhesive off. I tried everything, goo gone, alcohol, veg. oil, but the only thing that worked was an SOS pad. Well I am off to my next project:)