Friday, January 30, 2009

The Snowstorm on Wednesday

hi again,
So in one of my other posts I mentioned that I would take pics of the storm outside. Well here they are! For those of you who do not get snow, you can have all of mine for free!!! :) The bottom 2 pics were taken Wednesday. The 1st pic was taken Thursday morning after the storm. I had to take this picture! It was sooo beautiful with the snow on the trees and the sun hitting them . Natures Beauty after the storm... BEAUTIFUL!! From what I hear another storm is on the way:( I think we have enough snow and it is time to shut off the snow machine!

Another Back to School LO

Well i have just had a good creative week! I have been a busy little girl :) This LO is of my son's 1 day of school. As you can see he was not too happy about that. He likes his freedom of summer... every time I look at these pictures I have to laugh! He looks so sad, but Mom was happy that school started back up... I guess I should have taken a picture of myself, then I could have done another LO:) Ok, this page was made with all scraps except the main cardstock and i also used a recycled item. Can you guess what it is? yep, you guessed it! I used a piece of corrugated cardboard from a package. I painted it and inked it. This was a fun page to make, and now I have a few less scraps.. Yippie!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1st day of School LO

Well my Create Tuesday ran over into Wednesday! I guess I am on a roll, which is good because I need to catch up on my pictures. I am way behind again.... :( This LO is of my DD's 1st day of school. Notice the shorts she is wearing???? I really miss the warm weather!! We are right in the middle of a bad snow storm right now. So far we have a good foot of snow, and it just keeps coming down! I am glad I have indoor activities to do because you couldn't pay me enough to go outside right now. LOL Although the snow is very beautiful to look at! I love to look at fresh fallen snow it is so fluffy and sparklie. Maybe I will take a picture of it and share with you all later...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

JOY Book

Here is the book I made for my daughter.She wanted a heart shaped book with the word JOY on it. For 7 yrs old she is very specific on what she wants. So this is what I came up with. i used the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge using the heart shape a end caps. i still have to put more embellishments on the book, but thought I would share it anyway...

Create Tuesday: Un-wrap a Kiss LO

Hi everyone,
Well I have decided to make Tuesdays my create day from now on! So since today is Tuesday, I have made several creative projects today. I did a LO, a little book for my DD, and I made the Logo for my store. Wow I did a lot today! Happy Dance!!!! Ok, here's my layout.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by Granny's Thrifty Scrapbook. Be sure to check out her blog to see her picture. When you are tagged you are to go to your pictures and pick the 6th folder and then the 6th picture, post it and explain what it is all about. So here is my picture....

This picture is of all my children including my adopted son (in the blue sweater) ok, names from leftto right... Kirk, Sydney-Elizabeth, Timothy, Shelby, Jordan, and the two little ones are Breauna-Grace & Dale. This picture was taken right before Kirk had to go back to Japan. He is in the Marines. I wanted a nice picture of all the kids, I actually took about 15 pictures, and this one was the one that my funny boy Dale decided to make funny faces and be silly. I have decided that it is really hard to take pictures of a bunch of kids. Everytime I look at all the pics I have to laugh because someone always was making a funny face! The kids had fun though!

Now it is my turn to tag 6 bloggers. I choose, Chrissy, Stephanie, Missy, Sandy, Andrea, Jenn

Monday, January 19, 2009

Party Animals! LO

I have been pretty busy, but who hasn't been! I have decided to take a new journey in my life, let me explain...... I am in the process of working on a business plan to open a scrapbook store in my small town. This has been very exciting for me, but a little scary too. I have decided I really need to do this not only for all the scrappers in my town that have to travel 40miles to a decent scrapbook store, but also for myself. You see I have been a SAHM for almost 18 yrs. Not that I don't love being a Mom and only a Mom, but my kids are getting older now and it is time for me to do something for myself. My Hubby is very supportive of my decision and also all my children (5).
Anyway, I really wanted to post a project or page that I have done weekly, this happened to be my New Years Resolution. Unfortunately I have not been able to keep this promise to myself, but I guess once or twice a month won't be to bad. So here is my latest layout.

Party Animals
I used Cricut Platin Schoolbook Cart. for the circles, scallops, and letters, Autumn Leaves paper, random chipboard, and DCWV cardstock.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Envelope Album 2

Here is the back side of the album open and closed. Then a pic of the pullout pages.

Envelope Album

Happy New Year!
This is my First project of 2009. I made this album for my adopted son who is in the Marines and is stationed over in Japan. He has done 2 tours to Iraq and will be out of the Marines in August 09. Anyway, I used my Cricut expressions with the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge to create the envelopes. I cut the envelopes at 4 3/4in. assembled the envelopes. Then I stuck the flap of one envelope to the back of another envelope, and just keep going doing the same to all the envelope. Then accordion fold the album, making sure that the top of your albums envelope flap is always out. The top page when the album is open will always be the bottom page when closed. This size envelope can also hold CD's, so this album would also make a great CD holder. This was actually quite fun to make, and fast. TFL