Thursday, December 31, 2009

FCTSC card challenge catch up and puppy pics!

Ok, so I had to play catch up with all the card challenges I missed while making Christmas gifts. So here are all the cards I have done so far and I only have a few more to go :)

christmas 09 035

christmas 09 036

christmas 09 037

This one is my favorite!!!


christmas 09 038

christmas 09 039

The last  two are my attempt to think ahead for Valentine’s Day.

Now on to my new Puppy!

She is such a good puppy! We all just love her dearly including my 3yr. old weim. Remmi.

christmas 09 051

christmas 09 053

christmas 09 050

So this is a Ithaca update! Today she had no accidents in the house :) I think we are on the way to being housebroken!!! Hooray!!!


Happy New Year! Hope 2010 will be an awesome year for all of you!