Monday, December 7, 2009

Paper Roses

So you may be wondering what Miss Patti has been working on?? Or maybe not because you have your own Christmas gifts to work on. LOL! Well I have been making roses for a very special wall hanging for my Parents and Brother. You see, before my Grandma passed away she gave me some very old pictures of her and her parents. Well, I thought I would share them with my family. So I busted out the trusty ole scanner and scanned them for reproduction. Anyway, back to the roses. Here they are…..

paper roses 001

This is the big one


paper roses 002

This is the rosebud. ( sorry about the dark picture, but I was having a hard time with getting a close-up of the bugger)

I will post the whole wall hanging when I am all finished. Right now it is in the drying process and then I have to put a title on it and few other minor details. I should be done by the end of the week so check back! :)

Well off to watch Polymark dry……..