Thursday, December 3, 2009

A New Find to use with cards and scrapbooking


I know I promised to post this last night, but my Hubby and I were called to the duty of helping a friend of ours move to their new house. So without further ado…

new find 002

This is Polymark dimensional fabric paint that I found at Walmart for $1.14 a bottle. There are many different colors and it comes in pearl or glitter finish. This is white pearl iridescent and I have a gold pearl iridescent too! I can’t wait to go back to Walmart to get other colors and try the glitter ones. Now I found these in the craft section by the Tulip fabric paint.

So here is a few things a did with the Polymark.

new find 003

This is the vintage paper that I made. I squirted the Polymark  around the edge of the paper, then I took a paint brush and in circular motion spread it around the edges. It kinda made a dimensional and really cool look around the edges. When I am done with the page I am making I will post it. :)

So while I was swirling the Polymark around I thought that it would be cool for flower centers, and fake pearls or brads on cards and LO’s. ( I will try that next)

So then I was making paper roses for a LO and I wanted them to have a vintage look to them. I used my tattered rose distressing ink to vintage up my roses, then I dry brushed the Polymark on the edges. It really made the rose look vintage..

new find 004

It almost looks like the old fashioned satin roses, Don’t ya think?? I am just lovin the Polymark! I am off now to see what else I can do with it!!:)