Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Canvas Layout

So after I finished 23 pages of homework I finished this number! It is made on a artist canvas and I used things that were just laying around the house. The paper was all scraps from previous projects that I did. I used decoupage to attach them to the canvas. Lets see the found objects were some clothing tags, buttons, a cameo pin and a clear vinyl sticker that one of my kids got out of a gumball machine ( they forgot about it, so shhhh don't tell!) Then some ribbon and lace. Also if you have noticed the stamped cricut cutting mat cover that I recycled into a transparency was also used. I took a picture of the corner of my photo to show you the distressing that i did on it. I took a lighter and burned the edges of the photo. I KNOW I am a brave person for putting fire that close to my pictures! I used a copy of a picture that I printed on my printer. So if you try this DON'T use an original photo. I had a lot of fun making this, that I have purchased another canvas to make another. I think of it as fun wall art! Enjoy the rest of your week!