Monday, January 23, 2012

Ustream Class Project

I taught my first Ustream class called “Creative Collage Madness” on Saturday! It was my new and exciting challenge for 2012. Here is the project that I did in class….
Ustream Class Project 003
and here is the example collage I made so everyone would know what the class was about…..
Collage Project 001
If you would like to see the class I did record it and you can view it anytime here.I shared some great techniques in the class! The live class was for the members of Create, Share, & Inspire Ning site. I have been sharing the responsibilities of this site with the original creator of the site Anna Fearer from More Paper than Shoes. We have joined forces to make the site fun and exciting for all the memebers. We have lots of swaps and challenges going on! You can join the site here. I will be doing another Ustream class soon, so if you would like to see it live and join the fun make sure you goin the Ning site!
I hope everyone has a Happy Crafty Day!!