Friday, August 28, 2009

My Birthday

So this past Sunday I turned 38. I don't feel 38, but all my kids and my friends and family are teasing me about getting closer to 40. AWE, SO What! 40 is just a number it is all about how you feel. I admit that I am going to bed earlier in the evening, and I have slowed down a little bit. I do remember staying up till 3 am scrapbooking then getting up at 6:30 am with no side effects. I never just sat down for a minute to rest, I just kept going and going like the energizer bunny. Well I can maybe do that once in while now, but i couldn't do this a few times a week. I still get up at 6:30 every morning including weekends, and I still go like the energizer bunny all day till I go to bed at 11:30 pm. I still can keep up with the 5 children I have! So do I feel old? Am I old? Naahh, I just have made some changes in my lifestyle that all! (This is the story I am sticking to) I am not feeling old at all...
So for my birthday my oldest daughter made me cupcakes from scratch, my youngest daughter made me a card using some of my scrapbooking stuff ( there were a few items on the card that I wish she wouldn't have used, but its the thought that counts). Hubby bought me a new cricut cartridge ( Storybook), cricut mats, and cardstock. My oldest daughter gave me a new cell phone with a full key pad for easy texting that I absolutly love. Then there is my step-son who gave me the cutest snowman that lights up. I love snowmen:). So all in all my 38th birthday was very nice, and I love all my presents:) I am looking foward to my 39th birthday!