Friday, July 17, 2009

Printer update….

Well I have not fixed my printer problem as of yet. I am still having the red blinking light of death ( that is what I am calling it now) I have went over the printers manual and there is nothing about the red blinking light I have. I am really bumming right now:( I have lots of LO’s to do and no pictures:( I tried calling Kodak about my red blinking light of death, but they don’t know what it is either. They did say that when their tech team figures out what it is they will contact me with the info.. In the mean time I am going to try to convince my Hubby to buy a new printer. So wish me luck with the convincing… So I guess now I am going to put together some tutorials on using some recycled items to make things for your LO’s and cards. One will be the many ways to use cereal boxes and making an album out of plastic store bags. I have to keep on a bloggin some how:) So look for the tutorials next week. I am going to work on them this weekend and will post next week…

Have a fun and creative weekend!