Monday, February 23, 2009

How Does This Happen? ( Invisable Teen Syndrome)

Ok, I do laundry everyday! I have to with 7people living in the house. I just want to know why when I do laundry there are more of my teen girls clothes then anybody else? They cannot possibly be wearing 4 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, and 4 pairs of underwear a day. Or can they? I haven't witnessed it yet, but the laundry says different. Take for instance yesterday, the girls were home all day, I did do laundry, and today I have a stack of clean clothes that says they wore them. Granted everytime I saw them yesterday they were both wearing the same outfits. So I have come to the conclusion that i have more then 2 teen girls living in this house. Yet again, I have never seen them! When I catch them I am going to make them wash their own clothes. The invisible teens have struck again! For proof I have uploaded this picture. As you can see the middle stack is the girls. I unfortunatly couldn't take the picture showing the top of the stack, but trust me there is more! Well I am off to find those invisible teens because there is more laundry to do....I will keep you posted if I find them:)
Take Care,