Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cricut Cutting Mat Cover Overlay

Hi Again,
Well again I was sitting at my scrapbook counter and an idea came to mind... I had just tossed out a cricut cutting mat that was really bad. I then looked down on my counter and saw the clear mat cover laying there so I picked it up and WAM! my idea... I had decided to make my own overlays for LO and cards. What is great about using the cutting mat cover is that it is larger then 12x12 which is perfect for us peps that scrap in 12x12 format. The first thing I did was cover the whole mat with 3 different color alcohol inks. I put a few drops of one color then used bubble wrap to schmuz it around using a tap and twist motion. Repeat for the other 2 colors. then I stamped my images using embossing ink and powder. I thought that the heat gun would distort the transparency, but it didn't. I just stamped, powdered, then placed the mat cover on a flat heat safe surface ( I used my kitchen counter) and heat embossed. Then repeat as many times as you want. I then cut it out, but you don't have to. If you plan on using it as a full 12x12 overlay for your layout then make sure you run the mat cover through your paper trimmer 1st. before you start stamping. Other ideas are to just cut the center of the mat cover out to fit a picture and stamp around the cutout, cut shapes out of the mat cover with your cricut, then stamp images on the shape. There are so many possibilities!!!! I could be here all day listing them. Remember DON'T THROW AWAY YOU CRICUT MAT COVERS!! Save yourself $1.99 and make your own transparent overlays.