Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1st Day of School LO

Bre's LO 1st day of school 09 001

This is Breauna. This year she is in 3rd grade and is at the big school this year. She was very scared about going up to the big school. That is why she didn’t smile for her 1st day of school pictures. All she could think about was getting lost at the big school. Her big brother Dale eased her mind and told her that he would walk her to her classroom every morning until she feels comfortable. Unfortunately that didn’t help. Then we were waiting for the bus and low and behold there was a flower just waiting to be picked! Breauna was sooo happy that she had a flower of her own. She then forgot about being scared and smiled. Just so you know Breauna is my little flower child. She is always picking flowers in the summer. Even mommy’s beautiful roses. No flower is off limits to her:) It is amazing to me that one little flower was able to ease her mind. She did very well on the 1st day of school with the help of her big brother and that little yellow flower.