Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Flower Arrangement

jordans football game and flower arrangement 010 So I decided yesterday to bring a little fall into the house. I covered a paint can with some scrapbook paper, tied a ribbon around the can, then add the flowers. I think it took me from start to finish 20 minutes. I love Fall it is my favorite season hands down!
Now the other news…..
I would have posted the flower arrangement yesterday, but I had to attend my son Jordan’s football game. This is homecoming weekend, and their first home game! Anyway, they won 63 to 0! Of course I had my camera with me! So here is a picture of my son.
 jordans football game and flower arrangement 005
That darn # 8 won’t stay on!! The night before last I used Heat and Bond to reattach the 8. As you can see it didn’t work to well:( I guess I need something with a stronger hold. That 8 was fine until he started playing, I guess boys are just rough on clothes!
Well I guess I am off to find something to create, or maybe finish one of the projects I started last weekend. Have a great weekend!