Thursday, February 12, 2009

2 Cuties LO

Well, I was in the creative mood today... so I made a LO Yippie! I have been having a creative juice block for awhile now, and decided to just jump into it and try to create something. Sometimes it is good to just do something even if it's not your best work just to get the creativity going again. This layout is of my daughter and our little kitten, Edward. My teenage daughter named him after a character in Twilight.. Anyway, we were waiting for the bus and I looked over at her and thought what a cute pic, so I grabbed my camera and snapped a pic. For this LO I grabbed some old paper, and embellies that i had hidden. I did use my cricut for the title though ( that is new). This LO took me just about all day to do because I had to fuss with it too much, but who doesn't fuss with their work. Somebody told me once that there is no mistakes in art. I wish i could remember that when I am creating a LO.Well maybe tomorrow will bring something creative, I can only hope!
Take Care,